Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Links International logo shape experiments

Now i have created a basic slightly abstracted shape I looked at various different treatments the logo could receive. I wanted to combine several different ideas within a abstracted shape. Links international basically links medical experts in the western world with communities in developing countries and teaches them how to treat basic things like malaria, how to dig latrines, and give basic medical facts so that communities can help build better healthier lives for themselves. I wanted to keep a slightly medical aspect as medical professionals are the one of the main types of people that the charity is trying to attract. This is seen in the slightly atom-like structure of the logo, as well as looking slightly cross-like, a nod to both the christian origins of the charity and the red cross style medical symbol. The linked island/circles are the merging of different peoples and cultures and a nod to the links international name of the charity. The green is a good colour for change, and also medical issues often use a green colour. The charity tries to be as enviromentally friendly as possible so its also a nod to that. The gradient is a reference to again the linking cultures as well as a wave of change that the charity hopes to create. The logo also on a level has a "L-i" within it obviously a reference to the name links international.

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