Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Links International wallet cards back

Same designs now focusing on the back of the card.

Links International wallet cards front

Front examples of wallet cards. Idea is that every doctor that volunteers time for the charity receives a card. This can be kept in a wallet/purse. The card is designed so that the top "links international" title bar sticks out the top of the wallet and is a reminder every time they open their wallet of the charity. The card also provides contact information and the like for recruiting more. I try to keep the same gradient colour scheme throughout.

Monday, 29 March 2010

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Welcome pack

Another aspect of this brief is a welcome pack for people who agree to go overseas with the charity and help people in developing countries. I wanted to continue the identity across this media also. The target is generally medical professionals so i wanted to keep the design smart and interesting while still keeping the style together.

Website mockup

basic mockup of the charity website "What we do" page, i kept the same colour scheme throughout to really push the new look of the charity. When designing this site i wanted to make sure it would work on nearly every resolution of monitor. I created the donate button to be big and obvious as this is one of the key things the charity wants to get out of having the website. Along with this it is clear exactly what the charity does. It has pictures of the people the charity is helping and how the charity helps these people. I used geo sans light for a lot of the type along with ariel as it is web-safe for sections that maybe changed at a later date or updated by someone less web savvy. I chose Geo sans light out of many due to its rounded professional look that is still approachable and fit in with the rest of the charities identity.

Charity Business Cards

Some initial ideas for the business card for the charity. Now the green gradient and bubble logo have been established, i am building a identity for the various different stationary for the charity. I want everything from the charity to work as a set and be recognisable from the style alone.

Logo Type Position

Experimentation with how the logo and the name of the charity interact. I wanted to create something that is usable anywhere. The type could be positioned independently of the logo of be used in several different positions depending on how the type is used. I used a rounded sans-serif typeface as it gives the charity a friendly approachable feel that works well with the roundedness of the logo.

Links International logo shape experiments

Now i have created a basic slightly abstracted shape I looked at various different treatments the logo could receive. I wanted to combine several different ideas within a abstracted shape. Links international basically links medical experts in the western world with communities in developing countries and teaches them how to treat basic things like malaria, how to dig latrines, and give basic medical facts so that communities can help build better healthier lives for themselves. I wanted to keep a slightly medical aspect as medical professionals are the one of the main types of people that the charity is trying to attract. This is seen in the slightly atom-like structure of the logo, as well as looking slightly cross-like, a nod to both the christian origins of the charity and the red cross style medical symbol. The linked island/circles are the merging of different peoples and cultures and a nod to the links international name of the charity. The green is a good colour for change, and also medical issues often use a green colour. The charity tries to be as enviromentally friendly as possible so its also a nod to that. The gradient is a reference to again the linking cultures as well as a wave of change that the charity hopes to create. The logo also on a level has a "L-i" within it obviously a reference to the name links international.

Logo across different colour formats

Looking at how the logo works across different types of colour format - full colour, greyscale, one tone, and reverse.

Typeface experimentation

Basic logo shape is chosen and the typeface is experimented with. I went with the imagery of a candle with the type making up the candle or holder with the drop as a flame, the cross signifying the church and jesus. The candle for jesus being a light in darkness and a common symbol of hope and light, warmth and a gathering of community.

Initial logo ideas

Some ideas playing around with the stained glass idea as well as the idea of a flame and/or a candle. The church already has banners with "jesus is the light" and similar and a common religious motif is jesus being a candle in the darkness. These designs are just quick mockups and many could be considered too graphic and modern for the church, as well as not accurately portraying the church itself.

Initial logo development

Some very simple ideas taken from the shapes within the stained glass windows of the church and slightly experimented with. I wanted to take something from the actual building instead of creating an abstract concept for the church, which was reasonably generic village church.